Video Crea Resort Office Bali

CREA – the first and the only 24/7 resort office in Bali. Located in the prestigious area of Nusa Dua Bali, CREA will be suitable for diverse groups of start-up companies

Video Crea Resort Office Bali (Long Version)

CREA is created as the answer to the trend in office space utilization. CREA gives you a secure long term lease (50 years) with the projected rental yield of 10% per year. Investing in CREA means that you only spend $3 per day.

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NataProperty Video Production: Crea Resort Office at Indostarter Fintech Talk

Crea Premium Office joined Indostarter Fintech Talk and introduced the millenials to the benefits of co-working space. Crea Premium Office presented a new level of business and lifestyle in Bali.