Abdulbar M. Mansoer

President Director of Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)

With Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) as custodian, The Nus Dua has come a long way from its humble beginning as a back water enclave. Today, it is an integrated tourism compound with premium and modern facilities in a beautiful landscape. Its mature infrastructure enables The Nusa Dua to host numerous large scale international events, such as the UN Climate Change 2007, APEC 2013, the Bali Democratic Forum, Miss World 2013, and many more.

The Nusa Dua also won many prestigious awards for its achievement in environmental preservation initiatives, like the Kalpataru from Indonesian government and certification of Tri Hita Karana from Tri Hita Karana Bali Foundation.

CREA will be the 7th element to complete The Nusa Dua's amenities, after the other 6 elements: 5-star hotels, a shopping center, a world renowned golf course, a theater and museum, a hospital, and an international scale convention and exhibition center. It is our utmost pleasure to be hand in hand with PT Agung Panorama Propertindo to present you CREA, the one and only - pioneering creative resort office in Indonesia. With its experience and expertise, we have the confidence that PT Agung Panorama Propertindo will deliver another Masterpiece for The Nusa Dua.

CREA is suitable for service industry, food and beverage business, creative industry, as well as to be the home for international business looking to put a footing in Indonesia. We welcome you to CREA, a home to your business and grow with us.
Arief Yahya
Indonesia Tourism Minister
With the advancement of modern technologies, in the 21st century, people no longer confined in a certain location to do business. You can bring your business any country you want, and work from there. And for the last few years, Bali has welcome many international businesses to settle down and call it a home. 

We fully endorse the initiative for the development of CREA, pioneering will benefit tremendously from its location in The Nusa Dua, and mutually you will bring pride in the national and global business community.